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Electric Drill Repair

Basic Electric Drill Repair

While similar, electric handpiece repair is a bit more involved than fixing a pneumatic dental drill. Electric drills offer smoother handling and plenty of torque. However, they have many more moving parts that can wear out. At Bauer Dental in Indiana, we provide quality electric handpiece repair without the high cost of other companies.

When you send us your electric drill, you get a 90-day warranty on the repairs. Call us today:

We Rebuild Your Electric Dental Drill

Electric handpiece repair starts at just $225.00 for a basic head rebuild. Basic electric drill repair may only involve replacing the bearings in the head of the handpiece. In this case, general lubrication and cleaning with the new bearings completes the drill repair. There are gears and gear shaft parts, typically called the transmission, which can fail causing extra cost. We provide free estimates and evaluation of your drill.

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Electric 1:5 Speed-Increasing Attachment Head Rebuild

Model Type of Repair Price
Kavo 25LHA, 25 LPA Basic Rebuild $225-$295
Kavo 25LHA or 25LPA Complete Overhaul $499
Adec WA-99LT Basic Rebuild $225-$295
NSK E95L Basic Rebuild $225-$295
Star Basic Rebuild $225-$295
NSK Factory Overhaul Complete Overhaul $450