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High-Speed Handpiece

Repairing High-Speed Handpieces for Drilling

Repairing your own high-speed dental handpiece costs you productive time that could be spent treating your patients' cavities or taking care of other important responsibilities. The high-speed handpiece repair specialists at Bauer Dental, in Indiana, perform basic repairs that start at only $79.99. We also repair your slow-speed dental handpieces, so consider our company for all your dental drill repair needs.


Replacing the Components of Your Drill

Did you know that you do not have to replace the turbine every time your high-speed handpiece needs to be repaired? Your dental drill repair can be completed at a fraction of the cost of the purchase of a new turbine. If your chuck is okay and grips to about four pounds, Bauer Dental can rebuild the turbine by replacing the bearings.

Basic high-speed handpiece repair involves pulling and replacing the bearings, and replacing all O-rings and washers. We only use the highest rated bearings in our repairs to make sure that our clients obtain the highest quality dental drill repair.

Free Turbine Installation

Are you having problems installing your new turbine? Send the equipment to Bauer Dental in Indiana to have us install it for you free of charge, even if you purchased it from someone else. We are here to save you money on high-speed dental drill repair.