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Instrument Retipping

High Quality American-Made Tips

You might spend $30 or more for a first-rate dental instrument, which adds up fast when you consider how often your tools wear out. Are you using instruments from Pakistan to save money? If you are, you know that they are inferior in just about every way. Rather than spend a fortune on new dental instruments or sacrifice quality, receive instrument retipping from Bauer Dental in Indiana. Remember, when you retip dental instruments you are recycling - and that is good for everyone!

Retipping with 440A Stainless Steel

Don't be fooled by the cheap tips used by some. At Bauer Dental, we use only high-grade 440A stainless steel, which is the same steel that many manufacturers use. The results of our dental instrument retipping are second to none and are just as good as any new product. This statement comes from our customers, who know best.

Many instruments with plastic handles cannot be re-tipped and you just throw cash in the trash, however some instruments such as the Hu-Friedy can be re-tipped even with plastic handles. We replace any instrument we cannot retip with a new instrument at a discounted rate. Please let us know if you do not want replacements.

Retipped Tools

An Alternative to Buying New Dental Instruments

You know the cost of new instruments, now let us compare price. New instrument may run about $30.00 each, and we retip instruments for $3.50 per end. Pay $30.00 for a new tool or pay $7.00 per instrument for the same or in some cases better quality than a new one - the option is yours. For orthodontic, periodontic, and instruments used in hospitals and clinics, we offer instrument sharpening at an affordable price.