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Scissor Sharpening

On-Site Sharpening Available to Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas.

Blade Sharpening Specialists

Ensure a quick and clean cut with blade sharpening from Bauer Dental. We sharpen instruments for the surgeon; why not sharpen scissors and shears for beauticians, barbers, and industrial workers? Avoid the hassle of sharpening yourself by letting our certified technicians satisfy your scissor or shear sharpening needs. Scissor sharpening is completed in 48 to 72 hours.


Sharpening Your Scissors & Shears

Bauer Dental in Indiana is equipped with professional, state-of-the-art sharpening equipment in order to provide the best possible edge for your scissors and shears. We use the Wolff Twice as Sharp® process when we sharpen dental, medical, beautician, and barber shears. If you require sharpening of other dental tools, consider our sharpening and retipping services.

The manufacturer uses a belt sander or a grinding wheel to put the edge on their blade. Bauer uses the same approach to sharpening your shears.

First, we measure the exact angle of the cutting edge. Then we adjust our machine to hold your scissor or shear at the exact angle. Then we move the blade across the grinding wheel to take off a small amount of metal. We only take off just enough to gain the correct edge. After this, the same process is used on the honing wheel to polish the edge to perfection.

You will find that with our Bauer certified technicians in Indiana, your shears will be up to twice as sharp as they were when new. Properly sharpened beautician and industrial shears can cut through several layers of cloth, from the beginning of the blade in the joint area to the tip, without pinching.

Different cutting materials are used to test different types of shears and scissors. For example, we check medical scissors using latex rubber. Whether your shears are curved, beveled, long, or short, Bauer can sharpen your scissor and shears up to twice as sharp as new.

Affordable Rates

• Medical Scissors - $6.00 Each
• Small Shears 6" or Less - $7.00 Each
• Clipper Blades - $6.00 Each (All Brands)

• Blade Inch over 6" - $2.00 per Additional Inch


It is simple and easy to send in your shears for sharpening. Use any shipper you prefer and pack your scissors securely (USPS flat rate boxes are a good value). Insure your package for the replacement value of the goods. Return shipping is billed to the customer. Include your address and payment information. We accept credit card only.

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