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Slow-Speed Handpiece

Repairing Slow-Speed Handpieces

Remember Bauer Dental in Indiana when you are in need of a slow-speed dental handpiece repair specialist. We check each of the slow-speed handpieces that we work on thoroughly for proper clinical operation and provide a 90-day warrantee on all slow-speed drill repairs. Contact us today to get your dental drill fixed. We also repair high-speed dental handpieces used for drilling.

Restoring Your Drill to Optimum Efficiency

We completely disassemble every dental drill we receive, and each part is inspected before any repair will begin. If you wish, we are happy to call you with a complete estimate on your slow-speed drill repair before we begin work.

The repair procedure involves replacement of all common wearing parts such as bearings, O-rings, rotor vanes, clips, washers, and springs. Some involve transmission repairs as well. The transmission usually involves gear replacement, as well as the parts mentioned above.

Dental Drill

Proper Maintenance Procedures

After you receive your newly restored handpiece, you want to keep it properly maintained to save money on future repairs. Check with your manufacturer for the proper procedures regarding the maintenance of your handpiece. If this information not available, place three drops of the proper oil in the air hole and run for 20 or 30 seconds after each use to distribute the oil to all components. Typically, slow-speed oil is thicker than high-speed oil, but there are exceptions. Multi purpose oil is now available.